Disco Yoga

Posted by Lauren Wyllie


What it’s good for: Virtual Wellness/ Team Socials/ Feel Good/ Uplifting

Disco Yoga is the perfect way to connect and have fun with your team. While DJ Darlo spins disco gold from artists including Diana Ross, Chic and The Jackson Five, Sarah will lead you through seamless sequences, blending classic yoga poses with disco moves. You’ll laugh, you’ll sing, you’ll dance. Disco Yoga stretches and strengthens the body, whilst also calming the mind. It soothes away any tensions from home/ office working, alleviating aches and pains from sitting at desks all day. It releases stress by relaxing the nervous system, and brings that much needed extra ingredient – laughter! Afterwards, grab a refreshing drink and join us for the after party where you can request your favourite tunes and have a boogie and use the chat function for interacting and requesting tunes