Past Event: Kitsch In The Kitchen

Posted by Lauren Wyllie


Last week, for a team social we had an amazingly hilarious and rather outrageous time playing Drag Queen Bingo!

Each person received their cocktail making kits from the wonderful Lucky Pineapple. After cooing over how pretty the packaging was, we unpacked our cocktail ingredients, readied our fanciest cut crystal glassware, and limbered up our cocktail shakers!! Ready, set…. we joined a Zoom Call for a quick cheers and catch up, pre the Bingo session.

We then joined Charlie Hides from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 for some amazing rounds of hysterical bingo! Plus it wasn’t just bingo! We sang songs together, chatted and danced – while laughing at Charlie’s bonkers jokes throughout the hour long session!

This light-hearted, fun-filled virtual event is ideal for an informal social.

If you’d like us to help organise a similar event we have plenty of options – you could elevate the event with a live cocktail workshop, swap drag queen bingo for musical bingo, or choose from our wide variety of workshops, games, talks and wellness virtual activities.

Contact us and we’d be happy to send over a bespoke quote and ideas for all your virtual event needs!