Police Escape Room

Posted by Lauren Wyllie

What It’s Good For: Virtual Team Building/ On-boarding/ Ice-breaker/ Fun

You and your team of detectives will grab your badges and attempt to locate your missing partner, Detective John Axley. 
Work directly alongside Detective Wilder live, scour the internet and the virtual world for clues to defuse a bomb and locate Axley. Time is not your friend, you only have 45 minutes to solve the mystery and rescue John before he’s truly in over his head! 
Teams will communicate with the host/ detective to help him look for clues in the virtual environment, the clues may be a riddle or a web address or another cryptic message that participants will have to solve to lead them on to the next clue, however just finding all the clues isn’t enough to get Axley back! Teams must work together using their wit and determination to link the clues together and find their partner before the case is closed! 
The clock is ticking!