The Flavour Explorer

Posted by Lauren Wyllie

What It’s Good For: Fun/All-Ages/Foodie/Team-Building

Interactive flavour experiments designed to blow your taste buds – take a journey of flavour discovery as your taste buds are baffled and senses are blown. From taste changing powders to eye boggling experiments you’ll discover your personal flavour profile and learn what makes your taste buds tick.

With this live interactive experience you will be guided through 20+ multi-sensory flavour experiments. Each experiment has been created with you at its core. Discover why you love some foods and hate others. Can a piece of music really change the way your food tastes? Can you smell inside your mouth? What does blue taste like? Should you buy your cat a cake for its birthday?

All this and more will be revealed as we journey through your five senses and craft a unique profile built on your own flavour experiences.