Magical Virtual Birthday Party Fun For Tweens and Teens

Posted by Lauren Wyllie

Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday in style and whether you’re turning 13 or turning 30, here at Ziggy and Violet, we’ve got loads of ideas for the best virtual events for all group sizes.

Check out our latest party ideas for tween and teenage girls:

Celebrate your birthday in style with a virtual pamper party.

This fab party offers tutorial-style pampering fun with spa treatments and eye catching glitter, all hosted by us for free on Zoom, with the party host guiding the girls through each activity.

We can also include a small optional segment at the end for cutting the cake (available at an additional cost) and singing happy birthday, plus the birthday girl’s favourite song for a bit of a dance before we say goodbye. 

Birthday Biscuit Icing

Time for some birthday baking! Learn to decorate and ice beautiful biscuits!

With a selection of themes to choose from and the option to create bespoke biscuits for the birthday girl, guests will be talked through how to create their own personal collection of hand-iced biscuits.

DJ Dance Off Party

Host a virtual dance party with dance choreographer and a DJ, with music, a warm up, interaction, games, a TikTok dance routine and dance off.

This hour long party will be one to remember!

Birthday Boxes & Matching Cake

Birthday meringues and cake for everyone!

Celebrate together on Zoom with this box of treats delivered to everyone’s door– plus all the girls can blow out candles together for the birthday girl before all eating ‘the same’ cake!

Alice In Wonderland Digital Escape Room

Come down the rabbit hole with this digital murder mystery!

In the heart of the Tulgey Wood, characters from all walks of Wonderland have gathered at the Mad Hatter’s house for a tea party like no other! But the fantastical celebrations are bought to an abrupt halt when “Dinah”, the small red kitten belonging to Alice herself, has been found dead!

A local Wonderland detective is first on the scene to discover which of the many weird and wonderful party guests is to blame.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, will you be able to solve the case before the killer strikes again?

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