Past Event: Ziggy & Violet, Host Musical Bingo!

Posted by Lauren Wyllie

Ziggy & Violet hosted a virtual party for 100 guests, expertly knitted together with the slickest event TV technology from our studio. Streamed live and interactive for guests, this bespoke production of Musical Bingo was hosted by ‘Ditzy Ritzy’.

The live host introduced themselves, before explaining the rules and passing over to the live DJ to spin the tracks which the guests will then cross off on their virtual bingo cards. 

Prizes were up for grabs too and winners got sent online voucers, personalised teoblerones, a movie on us and charity donations.

Ziggy & Violet had so much fun and can’t wait to do it all over again soon. This is such a great way to celebrate, team build and just have fun, plus if we can’t get into the studio we can also send out our Presenter Kit meaning hosts and guests can get that studio experience wherever they are! Contact us for a bespoke quote and proposal for this or any digital event! It’s a world of possibilities!